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Gaganvedhi is group of amateur astronomers at Walchand College of Engineering, Sangli.

Creation of the Universe, formation of Earth and planets, motions of stars, structure of space and time and many more... have always became fascinationg topics in Astronomy. Gaganvedhi provides a platform to get and share this Astronomical knowledge.

This group was established on 16th September 2003. We conduct various programs related to astronomy such as lectures, presentations, telescope handling, telescope making workshops, etc. at schools and colleges every year.

The link to new webside of the group is as folllows

Photosynth of our club service  (can be seen in IE)


Club service for the year 2013-14 started

18/07/2013 17:30
 The weekly club service for this year is started now. All the members will receive sms alerts about it. 

New Board for Year 2012-2013.

24/08/2012 06:00
    New board for year 2012-2013 has been formed. The board will be as follows:     President:         Mr. Yogesh Aher.     Secretary:         Mr. Sourabh...

Regular Club Meetings are going on.

23/08/2012 17:30
The mebers are taking regular club meetings on every thursday. In which they are taking lectures, presentations and many more to enhance the astronomical knowledge of group members. In these club service Life and death of star, constellation, magnitude,intencity and spectrum of star, quiz and...

Club Service Starting for year 2012-13

02/08/2012 17:50
Club service for year 2012-13 is starting from 26 July 2012. The Club service will be on every Week. On thursday at 05:30PM in room no.-3. The General format willbe-     2 lectures by members     Quiz     Information about scientist or...

New Year Group activities Started

06/07/2012 06:00
    The Group is handed over to this year's New Board and the activities of current year has been started.     For this year,         Weekly Club Service:         Will be on Every...
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